Māori keyboard

Most windows machines will allow you to install Māori keyboard.

Do this: (Windows 10 installed - it might be slightly different for other versions of windows)

Windows Settings → Time & Language → Region & language → search down the list for Reo Māori. (If it's not there you might need to go and get it from Microsoft website, but it should be there).

Set as default (otherwise you always have to re-select it from the language icon on your task bar at the bottom of your screen). Now you can easily enter a macronised vowel by pressing ` (the key with ~ on it) and then the vowel. To enter a macronised capital vowel, press `, then hold down shift and press the vowel.

More information on the UOW ICT self-help page (login required)

Alt codes

Hold down the alt key (left side of keyboard) and at the same time type the number on the number pad (with number lock on). (If your machine does not have a number pad, this solution won't work for you).

Macron Code Macron Code
Ā Alt + 0256 ā Alt + 0257
Ē Alt + 0274 ē Alt + 0275
Ī Alt + 0298 ī Alt + 0299
Ō Alt + 0332 ō Alt + 0333
Ū Alt + 0362 ū Alt + 0363


Using alt codes

Other useful alt code shortcuts

Macrons in Google Docs

For google docs it is a bit trickier (and can be a little bit annoying)

  1. go to insert
  2. select "special characters"
  3. in the "search by keyword" text box, type "macron"
  4. select the macron you want

Apples and Macs

For iPads or iPhones, hold the vowel down when selecting it to get a selection of diacritics (letters with accent marks) for that vowel... slide your finger along to select.

The method on mac computers uses a key combination (a bit like the windows solution does above), but it uses the option key in combination with the letter and macron. Here is an example of what you would do to get an ā:

  1. switch to US Extended
  2. type ⌥a+a (ie press and hold the option key, press a while still holding the option key) release the option key and the a key, then type a again.
  3. Or even easier - type accented characters by pressing the key you want to accent and hold it down until the alternative options for that letter appear. Select the one you want (macrons are usually the final option)


Swiftkey for tablets and phones

Swiftykey allows you to add macrons and spellchecks te reo Māori.

Learn more about Swiftkey.

Dictionaries and language tools

Māori dictionary

Free online dictionary of Māori. (Also available as an app, but it is not free in that form.)

Google translate

Helps to give you ideas for writing reo Māori sentences (not always accurate).

Kupu o te ra

A vocabulary and grammar resource.


An app provided by Google and Spark which translates the objects that you photograph with your camera.



Student Learning