Viewing a Forum

  1. Log into Moodle by going to and enter your University of Waikato username and password.
    Note: If you need help logging in, please contact the Service Desk on +64 7 838 4008, or log a request through the online self-service portal, Kuhukuhu
  2. Select the Moodle paper the forum is located in.
  3. The Announcements forum (read-only) will usually be in the top section of the Moodle paper, under the paper’s name. Your lecturer may set up other forums under individual weeks or topics, and they will work the same way.
  4. Select the forum's name to view a description of the forum and a list of existing Discussion topics. Discussion topics are posts by your lecturer or tutor to the rest of the class, or by other students, depending on the type of forum, and look like this:
  5. The discussion topics can be listed from either latest to oldest or inverse by selecting the Last Post option next to Replies. This option indicates the particular order of discussion posts (either newest or oldest) as seen by the arrow icon facing either up or down. Select a discussion topic title to view the post.
  6. After selecting a discussion topic, you can choose your preferred way to view a discussion thread via the dropdown menu.
  • Display replies flat, with oldest first –the posts are displayed in one line from the oldest to the newest.
  • Display replies flat, with newest first - the posts are displayed in one line from the newest to the oldest.
  • Display replies in threaded form - only the first post is displayed in full, the title of the replies is listed, replies to each reply are indented.
  • Display replies in nested form - all posts are displayed in full with replies indented.