• Process for gathering information about the paper.
  • Usually occurs at the end of the semester.
  • Measures the student learning experiences and teaching effectiveness.
  • At the UoW it occurs at the end of the paper (the default period is 6 weeks starting from the penultimate week of the teaching period).
    • Students are given the opportunity to provide confidential feedback on their learning experiences.
    • There are seven paper and seven teaching questions that are based on themes.
    • These questions are designed to encourage students to think about their learning experiences.

University processes

Evaluation opens to staff

  • Teaching staff receive an email notification with a link to their upcoming evaluations.
  • Staff have approximately 2 weeks to:
    • Customize the evaluation opening and closing dates for students.
    • Add up to 16 extra questions (8 for the paper evaluation, 8 for the teaching evaluation).
  • Staff should click Finalize after completing customisation, to stop receiving email reminders.

Evaluations open to students

  • Evaluations are open to students’ for a default period of 6 weeks (for A, B, & C semesters) or 3 weeks (for S & T semesters) to provide feedback on the paper and teaching.
  • Student’s receive an email on the date that their first evaluation has been set to open.

Evaluation reports timeline

  1. Evaluations close to students
  2. Evaluation staff begin creating PDF reports
  3. Boards of Examiners meet to finalise student grades
  4. Reports distributed to individual teaching staff
  5. Aggregated Departmental Teaching reports created by evaluation staff
  6. Departmental Teaching reports sent to Deans and Head of Departments
  7. Annual Paper Evaluation reports created by evaluation staff
  8. Annual Paper Evaluation reports sent to Deans and Head of Departments

Blue (the University’s evaluation tool)

  • Online
    • teaching staff set up evaluations and access reports through a web dashboard.
    • students provide feedback through a web-based system.
    • available in English and Te reo Māori.
  • Confidential
    • unless they identify themselves in their comments, student feedback is confidential.
    • personal student data is only visible to the evaluation team.
    • evaluation reports are only released to teaching staff after Boards of Examiners confirm student grades.
  • Detailed reports
    • reports are emailed to teaching staff after Boards of Examiners meetings
    • reports includes:
      • quantitative data from paper questions and teaching questions
      • data from questions added by teaching staff
      • verbatim student comments from open-ended paper and teaching questions
  • Access evaluation information through the Blue dashboard including:
    • evaluations that are open for customisation
    • evaluations that are open to students on your papers
    • past and present paper and teaching reports
    • live response rates
  • Staff associations
    • unless teaching staff are correctly associated with their papers in Jade SMS (by their Departmental Administrator, via the Staff Role/Paper Association Tool) they will not be evaluated through BLUE.

Academic Staff Portfolio (ASP)

  • Each academic staff member’s ASP is auto-populated with the results from question seven for both their paper and teaching evaluations (Overall, this paper provided me with a good learning experience and Overall, this teacher assisted my learning).
  • The data includes the overall response rate of the evaluation, the response frequency percentage from both questions, the median, the mode, and the top-box percentage.

Evaluation Summaries

Teaching staff are able to request Evaluation Summaries from the Evaluation Team.

Evaluation Summaries:

  • Are produced for individual teachers, by request.
  • Are produced for all teaching excellence nominees.
  • Show in a simple format all paper and teaching evaluation data available for an individual teacher, through the official evaluation system, for the requested time period.

Contact the Evaluations Team if you have questions.