When it comes to setting up the teaching portion of the staff profile, try to keep it relatively simple and straightforward. The teaching information does not need to be exhaustive or comprehensive, and the language should be directed towards a general audience. Ideally prepare the profile for minimal maintenance (once set up, only occasionally needs checking and adjusting to avoid mentioning specific dates and numbers). Use specific years rather than periods of time, as they may change.

It is a good idea to vary the information provided in the “teaching” statement from the “overview” and “research” statements. The teaching statement can mention specific teaching approaches (which may include philosophies or pedagogical theories), and broadly what subjects have been taught in the past (even if they are not visible in the profile).

Thesis supervisions should be added automatically if they are from University of Waikato, or manually for supervisions from other institutions. Feel free to declare teaching awards, and while a YouTube video introducing yourself (added in the media tab) can be useful, it should not be considered essential. Also, you could include any guest talks/media/speaking engagements in an educational or community context (include this in your “Professional Activities” section).

Please note: for technical assistance in using the IRIS profile system feel free to come to one of our AMA sessions.