Flexible Delivery

From A Trimester 2021, the University of Waikato will be offering a selection of papers in FLEXI mode, meaning that your learning can be done both face-to-face (on campus) and online, giving you lots of flexibility as to where and how you learn during the trimester.

FLEXI papers are in addition to NET papers, which we already offer and are fully online.

What are the different modes of teaching delivery?

FLEXI - learning is available both face-to-face (on campus) and online.

Online - learning can be done from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. You will need to meet deadlines for assessment and keep up with the assigned readings, but you can choose to study at the times that suit you and in the places that suit you. We call these NET papers.

On-campus - learning is delivered at the University in a physical classroom (the codes HAM (Hamilton) and TGA (Tauranga) tell you which campus it is at).

What does FLEXI mode mean?

FLEXI is a term used to describe a paper that will have learning available both face-to-face (on campus) and online, offering you flexibility as to where and how you learn.

As a student, why might I consider it?

If you would benefit from having lots of flexibility around where and at what times you learn, so you don’t always have to be physically present in class on campus at the same time each week, a FLEXI paper will enable you to do that.

Papers taught in the usual way face-to-face (on-campus) will also offer you some flexibility in that lecturers will record classes (where possible) that you can watch later but FLEXI papers offer you even greater flexibility.

It means you can choose to learn where and how it suits you, if you want to balance your personal or work commitments around your study, or if you will be away from campus for periods of time you can still stay up-to-date with your learning from wherever you are.

For Tauranga students in particular, FLEXI papers will provide you with more options to take papers which have in the past been solely Hamilton-based.

How do I know if a paper will be delivered in FLEXI mode?

FLEXI will be indicated as a ‘delivery mode’ in the Catalogue of Papers and in Paper Outlines, which is where we provide all the extra details about what to expect in your paper.

They are available in the Catalogue of Papers just before the paper starts, making it clear to you that these papers offer you flexibility if this is what you’d like.