How to Accept and Pay Fees

At the University of Waikato, you accept your offer by paying your tuition fees. You can apply for your student visa before you accept your offer and pay your tuition fees. When Immigration New Zealand provides you with a letter that confirms your visa will be approved (known as AIP or ‘Approval in Principle’), you can accept your offer and pay your tuition fees. Once your payment has been received by the University, you will receive an official receipt that you will use to complete your student visa application.

This only applies to students applying from outside New Zealand. Students are not able to enrol at the University of Waikato without a student visa.

Find out more about preparing to come to New Zealand, including applying for your student visa and arranging accommodation.

New Zealand domestic students acceptance and payment of fees

Western Union Business Solutions payment portal

Our recommended method of payment is by online transfer using Western Union. We prefer this system because it is a faster, more reliable way for you to pay. Alternative payment options are available.

Why use Western Union?

  • You will save money. There are no transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions for this type of payment.
  • It’s easy to use and you can make your payment faster and receive your receipt of payment sooner.
  • You can pay in your own currency, but your full payment amount will be made in New Zealand dollars.
  • Once you make the payment, the exchange rate is locked in for 72 hours, making sure that the full amount is paid.
  • Western Union transfers are safe and reliable.

How to pay with Western Union Business

You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic transfer or domestic transfer.
Log on by clicking the link below and following the steps to make your payment.

If you need help please email:

Please note: Western Union Business Solutions accounts are only for use for international transactions. If you have a New Zealand bank account and wish to transfer money within New Zealand, please see Alternative Payment Options.

Alternative Payment Options

If you cannot make payment using Western Union, alternative payment options are also available:

You can prepay your tuition fees by one of the alternative options below:

  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Bank draft/cheque

These options may take up to seven working days for the transaction to be tracked and receipted.

Please quote your student identification number and student details within the particulars section of the remittance advice/telegraphic transfer application so that your transfer can be easily tracked.

Please note: you will need to cover any bank fee charges associated with transferring funds. These are often approximately NZD$25.

Bank account for payment

ASB Bank Ltd
Victoria St Branch
New Zealand

Account name: University of Waikato
Account number: 12-3122-0084728-00
Swift No. ASBBNZ 2A
Routing No. ABA02100018

Please note when the Swift No. is entered, the bank address may be listed as:

ASB North Wharf
12 Jellicoe Street
New Zealand

This is ASB's central bank address in New Zealand and we will still receive the payment from you.

When you have completed the telegraphic transfer application you must also provide a copy of the telegraphic transfer form to the Enrolment Office, via email:

Bank draft/cheque

  • Either visit the University campus or mail the cheque to the Enrolment Office.
  • Please make payable to "University of Waikato".
  • New Zealand based transactions must be made in New Zealand dollars drawn on a New Zealand bank.
  • Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for the bank draft/cheque to clear so that a receipt can be issued.
Please note: All payments must include the students’ full name and Student ID number. Where possible, please include a copy of the offer with the payment.

International Students Pre-paid Tuition Fees Policy

View the University of Waikato's International Students Prepaid Tuition Fees Policy.

Refund of pre-paid tuition fees

There is a specific process that must be followed when applying for a refund of pre-paid tuition fees.


If you need any further queries, please feel free to contact us anytime, we will be happy to help you.

Phone: +64 7 856 2889