Engineering jump start

Jump Start equips diverse students, including those not meeting Physics/Maths requirements, with essential skills for engineering programs, fostering confidence and knowledge essential for success.

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Engineering Jump Start is a four-week in-person preparation paper offered at our Hamilton campus from late January to mid February for prospective BE(Hons) students. The relaxed teaching environment of Jump Start combines elements of both high school and university approaches.

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Who can benefit from Jump Start?

All prospective BE(Hons) students can benefit from Jump Start. The course covers entry-level physics and maths (similar to NCEA Level 3) and is essential for those who may not meet the direct entry requirements of the BE(Hons) or have been away from studies for some time. Additionally, it eases the transition to university life and provides an opportunity to foster new friendships.

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The Engineering Jump Start paper, ENGEN100 General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers, will help prepare you for first-year but does not count towards the degree. You can guarantee entry to the BE(Hons) by achieving University Entrance and a B- grade or higher in this paper.

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For new students who qualify, the Fees Free programme can cover the cost of Jump Start (tuition fees and course costs) in addition to the first year of university studies.

Refer to the official website to see if you qualify and for official information.