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MEngPrac - Electronics as a main subject

Please note: New students can enrol in Electronics as a postgraduate subject only.

Gain specialist skills and knowledge in electronics, materials and processing and mechanical engineering with an internationally relevant Master of Engineering Practice.

Science graduates with electronics skills are sought after by many industries that use or manufacture electronic equipment. New Zealand’s electronics manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Our companies are targeting niche markets, such as telecommunications, and exporting their products all over the world.

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Key information

Years: 1 - 1.5
Points: 180
Start Dates: Trimester A (March)
Estimated Fees* (Domestic): $8,797 per year (120 points)
Estimated Fees* (International): $39,380 (120 points) - $59,075 (180 points)
Entry Requirements: Postgraduate International
Area of Study:
*Tuition fees shown are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information. You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.

Career opportunities

  • Design Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Electronic Technician
  • Information Systems Engineer
  • Mechatronic Designer
  • Embedded Programmer

Degree Planner

Degree planner — Master of Engineering Practice - Electronics


Management Papers
30 points (see footnotes)

Advanced Technical
Papers 60 points (see footnotes)

  • Papers
  • Compulsory
  • Project

Prescriptions for the MEngPrac

Students completing a Master of Engineering Practice are required to take a research project and a selection of papers. To complete a MEngPrac in Electronics, students must complete 180 points at 500 level, including ENGEE506, 30 points from EXMBM511, EXMBM512, EXMBM513, EXMBM514, EXMBM521, EXMBM522, EXMBM523, EXMBM524, EXMBM532 and EXMBM533, 60 points from ENGEE516, ENGEE532, ENGEE585, ENGEN583, ENGEN584, ENGEN585, ENGEN586, ENGEN587, ENGEN588, ENGME557 and ENGME585, as well as 60 points from ENGEN508.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
COMPX513Topics in Computer Networks15.0No occurrences
One or more special topics in computer networks, at an advanced level.
ENGEE506Electronics Systems Analysis30.022A (Hamilton)
This paper uses the approach of problem based learning for the analysis of common electronics circuits and their applications.
ENGEE536Power Electronics15.022B (Hamilton)
This paper covers theory, design, applications and the systems approach in power electronics. Subjects include power semiconductors, power converters, energy storage devices, DC power management, AC power conditioning and surge protection.
ENGEE591Dissertation30.022X (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
ENGEE592Dissertation60.022X (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
ENGEE593Electronics Thesis90.022X (Hamilton)
An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
ENGEE594Electronics Thesis120.022X (Hamilton)
An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
ENGEE595Electronics Thesis150.022X (Hamilton)
An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
ENGEN508Master's Capstone Project60.022X (Hamilton)
This paper requires students to carry out a theoretical or empirical investigation in a relevant subject/engineering discipline and write a report on the findings of the investigation.
ENGME580Product Innovation and Development15.022A (Hamilton)
ENGME580 teaches students the innovation and product development process; levels of innovation, how to screen ideas, Intellectual Property and how to develop a Business Plan. Students will be required to start with a basic product brief, produce a product idea, design and develop a prototype and 'pitch' it to 'investors'.

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Freemasons Postgraduate Scholarship  Not currently accepting applications

For students who, in the year following application, will be enrolled full-time in Postgraduate Diploma, Masters degree or Doctoral degree.The scholarship will have a value of $10,000.

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