master of professional practice in behaviour analysis

Master of Professional Practice in Behaviour Analysis

Masters Degree MPPBA
master of professional practice in behaviour analysis

Empowering People, Transforming Futures: Discover the Potential of Behaviour Analysis with our new Master of Professional Practice in Behaviour Analysis at the University of Waikato!

240 points

Trimester A (March)

Why study a MPPBA?

The University of Waikato has a robust legacy in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), cultivated within the School of Psychology. Over a pioneering history of 50 years, staff in the Behaviour Analysis programme have produced many scholarly contributions, collaborating with renowned figures in the field.

The MPPBA programme extends this longstanding tradition by advocating for evidence-based practice, preparing skilled ABA professionals, and upholding the university's dedication to ethical and community-centric education.

Career Opportunities

  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
  • Behavioural Consultant
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Behavioural Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • ABA Programme Coordinator
  • Behavioural Health Specialist
  • Research Assistant in Behaviour Analysis
  • Policy Analyst or Advocate
  • ABA Clinical Director

240 points

Trimester A (March)

Degree information

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Course Content:

The MPPBA offers an interdisciplinary curriculum covering essential aspects such as:

  • Internationally recognised core behavioural principles and skills
  • Professional ethics in New Zealand
  • Practical skills for psychologists and behaviour analysts
  • Foundation skills including preference assessments, functional analysis, and behaviour support planning

Upon completion, you will:

  • Demonstrate ethical and professional practice in accordance with NZ regulations
  • Apply evidence-based interventions grounded in the scientist-practitioner model
  • Possess core competencies in behaviour analysis
  • Be eligible to register as a full member of the Society of Behaviour Analysis Aotearoa New Zealand (SBA-ANZ)

Employment Pathways:

Employment with the Ministry of Education, health sectors, private practice, and more.

Impactful roles in education, the disability sector, and the justice system sectors, meeting the growing demand for ABA expertise.

Business and Community Networks:

Benefitting from an established professional network centred around the existing Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology, specialising in Behaviour Analysis, the MPPBA programme fosters collaborations with stakeholders to ensure a well-rounded and industry-relevant educational experience.

Join the MPPBA program at the University of Waikato to build a rewarding career in Psychology, specialising in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Prepare yourself for a profession dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of individuals and making a positive impact on New Zealand society.

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