Breana Noblio

Breana Nobilo

Leading a student club in her first year of study at the University of Waikato has enabled Breana Nobilo to build her communication skills and form new connections.

President of Management Communication Students’ Association (MCSA)

Breana Noblio

Breana was president of the Management Communication Students’ Association (MCSA), which helps students form relationships and networks with professionals in the public relations and marketing industries.

“We did field trips, industry trips and mixers to meet people, gain insight into future careers, and develop a better understanding of the kinds of jobs out there,” Breana says.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Breana has been a creative person since she was young and enjoys arts and crafts.

“I chose my Bachelor of Communication degree as I’ve always been a talker since I was very young. My friends and family suggested I try communication, and since I didn’t want to do marketing, I chose to major in Public Relations, with a minor in Media Production.”

“I love that we do very practical assignments with real-world scenarios. My degree covers so many areas and possible careers, with internship and apprenticeship opportunities. This gives a cool hands-on experience in the workplace, which helped me find out what kind of job and workplace I want to go into.”

“I feel that my degree has helped me to discover what I love to do.”

Once she has graduated, Breana hopes to land a job working in events or promotional films. “Events is a really big thing to me, as I love seeing other people’s dreams come to life.”

One day she would also like to start her own small stationery or clothing business.

Breana Noblio

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