Chenyang Liu and Han Dai v2

Chenyang Liu and Han Dai

Graduate Diploma in Teaching

Chenyang Liu and Han Dai v2

Chenyang Liu and Han Dai started their education journey in China before moving to New Zealand to complete their undergraduate studies at The University of Waikato.

Graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Business Analysis, the couple moved to Australia to pursue their master’s.

Following the completion of their master’s programmes, both Chenyang and Han expressed a strong desire to explore their passion for education. In a bold move to restart their careers, they returned to Waikato and enrolled in a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood Education.

"Once we discovered we were comfortable educating others, especially children, we chose to study with The University of Waikato based on the positive experiences we had with our undergraduate studies," they said. "We trust the institution and believe it’s the right place for us to pursue further education."

Overcoming education and language differences, Chenyang and Han quickly excelled with support from Waikato lecturers and mentors.  "Strong relationships with our lecturers and classmates have proven to be invaluable resources. Their patience in explaining and teaching us unfamiliar concepts has been immensely helpful. We’ve learnt how to be inclusive and how to support every child in a classroom."

Armed with both in-class and practicum experiences, they encourage other students to "stay relaxed".

"You will receive ample support from the University. Follow the guidance provided and consistently reflect on what you have learnt, as well as from your practicum or previous work experiences."

Chenyang and Han met at Zhejiang University City College in China, through a programme held in collaboration with Waikato University, and upon completing their Graduate Diploma in Teaching they have both accepted job offers and are now working with the early childhood education sector.

Chenyang Liu and Han Dai v2