Giri Selvanathan

Giri Selvanathan

Giri came to New Zealand in 2019 to start a Master of Cyber Security at the University of Waikato

Coimbatore, India

Giri Selvanathan

After working in the IT industry in his native Coimbatore, India, for almost a decade, Giridharan (Giri) Selvanathan started thinking about his next move.

He already had a Bachelor of Science in computer technology and a Masters in computer science from his local university, Bharathidasan University, but after seeing first-hand a cybersecurity incident unfold at the organisation he worked for, his interest piqued.

“I had been working as a senior developer in India for a variety of IT organisations in the banking and financial sectors. During that time, I witnessed the Cosmos Bank malware attack, one of the biggest cyber attacks on an Indian bank, and immediately afterward I wanted to find out more – how these security breaches can happen and what we can do to combat them,” says Giri.

“I wanted to learn more about cybersecurity, and to study it in-depth. After researching options in New Zealand, where I was keen to move to study, I saw the University of Waikato was the only university that offered a dedicated qualification in cybersecurity, so my mind was made up.”

Giri came to New Zealand in 2019 to start a Master of Cyber Security at the University of Waikato, which boasts some of the best computing facilities in New Zealand and the opportunity to learn from award-winning cybersecurity experts.

Giri says he “loved every nook and corner” of the University. “I lived across the road from Gate 2, so it was super easy to jump across to campus. I spent lots of time in the library, the student union building, the wellness hub, and most importantly, at the cricket nets with my Star Varsity cricket club!

“As an international student, I found that everyone was really welcoming, and I made some really close friends during my time at Waikato.”

Following his studies, Giri completed an internship for leading investment and advisory group, Jarden, in Wellington in 2020.

Giri Selvanathan