Grant Kedian

Grant Kedian

Grant Kedian started out as a real estate agent, and today he is a director of New Zealand's largest property testing company.

Director at Active Testing Solutions


Grant Kedian

At his previous employer, Tradestaff Global, Grant was swiftly promoted to a regional manager role and realised that a postgraduate business qualification would be pivotal to achieving his career goals.

He decided to enrol in the Waikato MBA programme in Tauranga, and says he has no regrets.

"The programme far exceeded my expectations and taught me aspects of business that many managers and leaders would perhaps not even consider.”

“It was an absolute eye opener and allowed me to significantly develop my leadership abilities and my general business acumen.”

Above all, one of the aspects Grant found most useful was the ability to apply classroom theory to real-life business situations.

“Many of the assignments ask you to draw from real life situations, and the programme literally becomes an extension of your working environment; allowing you to succeed in both arenas," he says.

Grant believes that without completing his Waikato MBA, setting goals like becoming the CEO or general manager of a large organisation could have been out of reach for him. Now, he believes these types of goals are totally achievable.

"I wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking to grow their ability and further their career; jump head first into this programme!"


Grant Kedian