Nutthida Tachaiyaphum

Nutthida Tachaiyaphum

Nutthida Tachaiyaphum, a graduate of the University of Waikato, is making a significant impact in Thailand by helping teachers and students on their English language journey.

Nutthida Tachaiyaphum

After completing her PhD in Education in 2023, Nutthida returned to Thailand to work as a lecturer at Mahasarakham University.

“I knew I wanted to study overseas and Waikato seemed like the perfect fit. I emailed institutes all over the world and Waikato not only responded to my inquiry but gave feedback on my research idea,” Nutthida says.

During her time at Waikato, Nutthida had the opportunity to immerse herself in the English language and culture, which deepened her understanding of the language.

“Studying overseas allows you to embrace new ways of thinking, experience different cultures, and adopt a fresh approach to work.

“I was able to learn different varieties of English because there are English-speaking students from all over the world studying at Waikato.”

The University of Waikato ranks in the top 250 universities in the world in the most recently published QS World University Rankings and QS Education Subject Rankings.

“I’ve recommended Waikato to other international students; they were inspired by the work I was doing and the amazing experiences I had, and they wanted to follow suit.”

The demand for English in Thailand has been on the rise due to socio-political developments and economic growth, leading to a greater emphasis on English language education to enhance education and career opportunities for Thai citizens.

Nutthida’s research focused on the content and language integrated learning (CLIL) teaching approach, where teachers use an additional language (English) to teach subject content and language.

“I truly believe that effective use of language for communication is the threshold of successful CLIL lesson delivery.”

Nutthida also explored the English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ beliefs about effective CLIL learning and teaching in a Thai context.

“My research has developed my understanding of EFL teachers’ CLIL practices and, in some ways, has altered my perspective on the language of instruction in CLIL.

Her research and findings are now being used by EFL teachers in Thailand, and Nutthida has been invited to lead teacher training programmes at Mahasarakham University.

Natthida credits her supervisors, Dr Laura Gurney and Associate Professor Nicola Daly, for their invaluable support.

She cherishes her Waikato experiences, including staying in Orchard Park, one of the student accommodation options on campus popular with our PhD students, and exploring Hamilton and the beautiful trails across New Zealand through running and hiking.

Nutthida Tachaiyaphum