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Thomas Corbett

Thomas Corbett pursues a PhD in Earth Sciences at Waikato, focusing on freshwater mitigation. Valuing diverse research and supervision.

rsz thomas corbett 1

Thomas Corbett completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Auckland and is now studying toward a PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Waikato under the supervision of Professor Louis Schipper, Dr Adam Hartland and Professor Bill Henderson.

His research will look at how we can get better at mitigating the effects of human activities on freshwater. Specifically, he will investigate the removal of nitrates from water by developing an in-field test based on ‘Diffusive Gradients in Thin-Films.’

Why did you choose to do your PhD at Waikato?

The research project is exciting and my supervisors here are world-leading. Also, the size of the University means I have the opportunity to experience and learn about multiple fields.

What have been the highlights of your research so far?

The diversity of work (in the field and lab) and the opportunity to drive the research in a direction that excites me.  I’ve also enjoyed the exposure to other diverse and interesting research, and the people I’m meeting - including through the research groups I'm a part of (WaiBER and Waikato Environmental Geochemistry).

What are your plans once you've finished your degree?

I plan to head overseas (UK, Europe and USA) to gain research experience before coming home to New Zealand.

What's your number one tip for others who might be thinking about studying science at postgraduate level?

Find a supervisor who you think you will get along with (ask previous students about what it is like to work with them), and who is genuinely excited about your project.

rsz thomas corbett 1

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