Williame Daveta

Williame Daveta

Certificate of University Preparation, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Sport and Human Performance, Master of Health, Sport and Human Performance, Graduate Certificate

Williame Daveta

With a burning desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others, Williame Daveta enrolled in a double degree at the University of Waikato.

Guided by their belief in the power of knowledge, Williame’s parents moved from Fiji to New Zealand in 2009 to provide their five children with a better education.

“I knew straight away I wanted to study at Waikato; my sister studied Human Resource Management and I’d heard great things about the University’s sport and psychology programmes,” Williame says.

“It was close to home; there was no need to go anywhere else.”

Williame received his Certificate of University Preparation in 2017 and a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Psychology, and Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance in 2022.

“I delved deeper into the understanding of the human brain and how each component functions. Psychology is an incredibly captivating field that has driven me toward a career path in clinical psychology.

“I also learnt how science is applied to athletic performance, used cutting-edge equipment used by high-performance athletes, and visited and used facilities where these athletes train.”

Currently studying toward a Master of Health, Sport and Human Performance, Williame is also enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Psychology.

“I enjoyed working with knowledgeable supervisors, research assistants, and others during my thesis and being in the field collecting data.”

Williame envisions a future where mental health is openly discussed, particularly within Pacific and Māori communities, which face unique challenges in seeking help and support.

“Mental health remains a taboo topic in our cultural communities, with very few people willing to address it openly.”

He dreams of taking his knowledge and skills back to his homeland, conducting research and providing much-needed support to his people.

Actively engaged with his community, Williame volunteers on and off campus, taking full advantage of the services and support available to him. He’s engaged with Student Learning, seeks support from Pacific at Waikato and finds empowerment through his involvement with the Waikato University Fijian Students Association.

Williame is also the recipient of the Research & Enterprise Study Award and has been awarded the TAPA (Tertiary Achievement in Pacific Ako) Awards twice, in 2022 and 2023.

Williame Daveta

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