The study of Ethics provides an excellent grounding in evaluative theory and reasoning for a professional future in the public service, the health sector, social work, with environmental agencies, and in business. You will gain the tools and capabilities you need to become inspirational leaders in your community and in your working life, enabling you to feel confident in your capability to reflect on doing 'the right thing' and following through on that reflection.

Ethics may be taken as a minor.

To complete a minor in Ethics, students must complete 60 points, including at least 30 points above 100 level from PHILO106, PHILO215, PHILO217, PHILO218, PHILO225, PHILO309 and PHILO315.


There will be no new enrolments in the Ethics major, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in 2021 and onwards. Students enrolled previously are encouraged to contact the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences Office for programme advice.

Ethics papers

100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level
Code and paper title Points
PHILO106 Social and Moral Philosophy right arrow

An investigation of contemporary moral and social issues from a practical ethics perspective. Issues may include abortion, animal welfare...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Online) & 24A (Tauranga)
Code and paper title Points
MAORI202 Ngā Iho Matua: Māori Philosophy right arrow

This paper examines the philosophical underpinnings of seminal tikanga Māori concepts, and their influence both historically and in contemporary...

15 24A (Hamilton)
PHILO215 Moral and Political Philosophy: A Historical Introduction right arrow

This paper introduces students to central issues in Moral and Political Philosophy, using texts from historical figures in philosophy to study...

15 24B (Hamilton)
PHILO217 Environmental Ethics right arrow

A study of ethical questions about the relation of humans to the rest of the natural world, including the attribution of value and rights to the...

15 24H (Online)
PHILO218 Ethics at Work right arrow

A study of ethics as it relates to business and professional practice in New Zealand including material specifically for interest groups: eg computer...

15 24G (Online)
PHILO225 Happiness and Wellbeing right arrow

Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, this paper investigates the meaning and value of happiness, and the role it plays in making our lives...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Online) & 24A (Tauranga)
POLSC201 Modern Political Thinkers right arrow

This course examines the ideas of a number of modern political thinkers such as Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx.

15 24A (Online)
POLSC224 Terrorism, Violence and the State right arrow

Terrorism is an increasingly prominent global phenomenon. We will clarify it conceptually and situate it historically with theory and case studies in...

15 No occurrences
Code and paper title Points
ALPSS390 Directed Study right arrow

This paper allows students from the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology, and Social Sciences to undertake research on a specific topic related to their...

15 24X (Hamilton)
PHILO309 Experiments in Ethics right arrow

The paper uses thought experiments to introduce students to central issues in contemporary moral philosophy. The issues may include: What makes an...

15 24B (Hamilton)
PHILO317 Environmental Ethics right arrow

Do we have moral obligations toward nature? How should human beings treat the natural world? This paper examines questions such as these in light of...

15 24H (Online)
PHILO318 Ethics at Work right arrow

This is an applied ethics paper focussing on the professions, research and business. It examines contemporary issues relevant to a wide range of...

15 24B (Online) & 24G (Online)
Code and paper title Points
LEGAL436 Legal Ethics right arrow

An introduction to the concept of a profession and the ethical and professional duties of practitioners and an introduction to ethical analysis, the...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)

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