The Japanese programme in the School of Arts consists of Japanese language and culture papers. The language acquisition papers are designed for learners of Japanese as a foreign or second language. The cultural papers are taught in English and are also available to non-language students.

Japanese is available as a specialisation within the International Languages and Cultures major. Details of the requirements for the Japanese language specialisation can be found under International Languages and Cultures.

Japanese may also be taken as a minor in other undergraduate degrees, subject to approval of the Division in which the student is enrolled.

The point of entry into the Japanese language papers depends on previous experience. Those with no previous experience of Japanese, take JAPAN131 followed by JAPAN231 in the subesequent year. Students with 14 credits at Level 3 in NCEA Japanese or equivalent, will gain direct entry into JAPAN232. Students with excellent results at Level 2 in NCEA Japanese or equivalent, may, at the discretion of the Convenor of Japanese, begin with JAPAN232. Native speakers of Japanese may not enrol in JAPAN131, JAPAN231, JAPAN232, JAPAN331 or JAPAN332. Students whose heritage language is Japanese and who wish to enrol in a Japanese language acquisition paper should contact a lecturer in the subject to determine the appropriate level. Please consult with the Programme Convenor for general advice on entry point into Japanese language acquisition papers.


Students are encouraged to contact the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences Office for programme advice.

Enrolment into the PGCert, PGDip, BA(Hons) and MA in Japanese will be suspended from 2022 onwards.

Other qualifications

Prescriptions for:

Japanese papers

100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 800 Level 900 Level
Code and paper title Points
JAPAN131 Japanese for Beginners right arrow

This paper assumes no previous knowledge of Japanese. It takes an integrated approach to the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

15 24B (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
JAPAN231 Basic Japanese 1 right arrow

This language acquisition paper is designed as a continuation from JAPAN131, a paper designed for absolute beginners. Students will acquire further...

15 24A (Hamilton)
JAPAN232 Basic Japanese 2 right arrow

This language acquisition paper follows JAPAN231, a paper designed for learners with a rudimentary knowledge of Japanese. Students will acquire...

15 24B (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
INTLC301 Research Methods in International Languages and Cultures right arrow

After workshops covering intercultural contexts in research, bibliography, literature reviews, ethics, data collection and editing, students will...

15 No occurrences
INTLC303 Visual Cultures of East Asia right arrow

This paper critically examines key forms of East Asian visual culture, with a focus on film and art, and within a comparative context.

15 24B (Hamilton)
INTLC380 Study Abroad 1 right arrow

This paper will enable students to undertake appropriate individual study abroad programmes as part of their undergraduate degree. Each study...

15 24G (Block) & 24I (Block) & 24X (Block)
JAPAN331 Japanese for Communication 1 right arrow

This paper focuses on advanced Japanese language learning and is a continuation of JAPAN232.

15 24A (Hamilton)
JAPAN332 Japanese for Communication 2 right arrow

This paper is the continuation of JAPAN331.

15 24B (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
JAPAN800 Japanese MPhil Thesis right arrow

120 24X (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
JAPAN900 Japanese PhD Thesis right arrow

120 24I (Hamilton) & 24J (Hamilton) & 24K (Hamilton) & 24X (Hamilton)

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