Practical Mathematics and Statistics Subject regulations

Practical Mathematics and Statistics is available as a minor.

To complete a minor in Practical Mathematics and Statistics, students must complete 60 points, including DATAX111 or DATAX121; MATHS165 or MATHS103; DATAX201; and MATHS204.

Practical Mathematics and Statistics papers

100 Level 200 Level
Code and paper title Points
DATAX111 Statistics for Science right arrow

An introductory paper in statistics that uses Microsoft Excel. Topics include the collection and presentation of data, basic principles of...

15 24B (Hamilton) & 24B (Tauranga)
DATAX121 Introduction to Statistical Methods right arrow

An introduction to statistical data collection and analysis. Topics include general principles for statistical problem solving; some practical...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Secondary School - Unistart)
MATHS103 Mathematics 1A right arrow

A study of the fundamental techniques of algebra and calculus.

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga) & 24B (Hamilton)
MATHS165 General Mathematics right arrow

An introduction to algebra, calculus and applications for students without NCEA Level 3 Mathematics. Students who meet the prerequisites of MATHS103...

15 24A (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
DATAX201 Practical Data Science right arrow

This paper gives students practical experience for the entire data science process. It covers the data collection process, data cleaning and...

15 24B (Hamilton) & 24B (Online) & 24B (Tauranga)
MATHS204 Mathematical Tools for Scientists right arrow

This paper gives students a practical introduction to mathematical modelling and real-world problem solving, especially as it relates to science.

15 24A (Hamilton)

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