Disability and Inclusion Studies

Disability and Inclusion Studies at Waikato is an interdisciplinary field studied through research and practice in education, human rights law and the social sciences.

Why study Disability and Inclusion Studies?

Study Disability and Inclusion Studies at Waikato and engage in developing your knowledge and skills of this specialised field by drawing on national and international contemporary theory, policy and practice. The lived experiences of people with a disability underpin the teaching and learning in this subject.

Each of the three qualifications available in this subject, the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Disability and Inclusion Studies, draw on a social interactional model of disability that critically engages with questions of identity, ableism and rights through tackling key questions of inclusion in research, policy and practice.

Students interested in shaping social change in disability and inclusion, through inclusive research and innovative co-developed policy and practice, will gain skills and knowledge accessing leading national and international thinkers and practitioners. Pathways into further research, academic careers in teaching and research, policy leadership and advocacy are created through this course.

As a graduate, you will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of concepts, issues and debates in the area of disability studies, particularly in your own research. Thinking critically and creatively, you will evaluate current issues, research and advanced scholarship in the field of disability studies and work proactively to develop professional relationships with others in the field.

Career Opportunities

  • Researcher
  • Academic
  • Senior Practitioner in disability services support and management
  • Policy and Project Worker/Analyst
  • Disability Advocate
  • Inclusion Practitioner
  • Inclusive Educator

Hamilton, Tauranga

Subject requirements

Disability and Inclusion Studies is available as a subject in the Postgraduate Certificate and the Postgraduate Diploma. It is available as a specialisation in the Master of Disability and Inclusion Studies.

Postgraduate Certificate (Disability and Inclusion Studies)

The Postgraduate Certificate is a 60 point course. Students must complete DINST521 Critical Studies in Disability and Inclusion (30 points) and a further 30 points from 500 level Disabilities and Inclusion Studies papers.

Postgraduate Diploma (Disability and Inclusion Studies)

The Postgraduate Diploma is an 120 point course. Students must complete DINST521 Contemporary Issues in Disability and Inclusion Studies (30 points) and a further 90 points from 500 level Disabilities and Inclusion Studies papers.

Study in Tauranga

Many postgraduate papers are taught either fully online or partially online, with some papers having block on-campus requirements at either our Hamilton or Tauranga campus. These requirements are paper dependent.

Note: International students looking to study in Tauranga may be impacted by paper offerings for visa purposes. Please contact us if you have any questions and to discuss your personal situation.

Disability and Inclusion Studies papers

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