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Global Studies in Education

This specialisation builds upon the traditions of comparative and international education as well as philosophy and sociology of education to explore and research the global dimensions of education.

Our courses address globalisation, internationalization and interconnectivity; bicultural, multicultural and intercultural education and dialogue; education policy, politics and governance; global youth cultures and identities; new media and popular cultures; gender, class and racial inequalities; the political economy of knowledge production and knowledge management; education and development; the new global ecologies of learning; open education; and global citizenship.

Our courses are suitable for educators in all sectors of the community.

Required papers

  • PCSS587 Globalisation, Cultures, Identities and Education
  • And at least 30 points from the following papers:
    • PCSS507 Global Citizenship and International Development Education not offered in 2018
    • PCSS589 Global Processes, Education and New Media Cultures

You may choose further papers from any subject or specialisation offered for the Master of Education, or from the Master of Educational Leadership.

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Programme Advisor

  • Professor Tina Besley
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +64 (7) 838 4466 ext 6246
    Room: TL.2.12