Baljinder Devgun

Bachelor of Science (Technology), Graduate Diploma in Communication, Master of Management Studies, Graduate Diploma in Teaching

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Science (Technology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication
  • Master of Management Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching

Baljinder Devgun spent 10 years working in the science and technology sector. Then another 10 years supporting people in underprivileged or under-represented situations, through a range of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and even longer being a mother.

With a desire to pass on her knowledge to the next generation, Baljinder graduated from the University of Waikato for the fourth time with her Graduate Diploma in Teaching in 2022.

Baljinder’s first graduation ceremony from Waikato was in 1992 where she received a Bachelor of Science (Technology) and Graduate Diploma in Communication, followed by a Master of Management Studies years later.

“I believe we’re all life-long learners in our own ways. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain formal qualifications and am keen to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with others. The University of Waikato has offered a unique and flexible range of opportunities to help meet these goals.”

Baljinder says both her parents taught her valuable lessons in life.

“My dad lectured in India and was one of the first Sikh teachers in a Grammar School in the UK and later taught in New Zealand. On the other hand, my mother didn’t have the opportunity to gain formal qualifications, yet she has managed to self-attain qualifications from life experiences.”

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