Richard Kinzett

Master of Business Administration

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  • Master of Business Administration

Richard Kinzett started the Waikato MBA with a Postgraduate Diploma of Management Studies, based in Tauranga.

"My attraction to the MBA was based on a desire to understand more about corporate management and leadership, add greater value to the organisations I work for, learn more about myself, and get the university qualification that I didn’t get after leaving school," he says.

With six months left of the Postgraduate Diploma to complete, he was asked to take a job in Brisbane and ended up commuting back to Tauranga every fortnight for six months to complete the programme.

"Two years after gaining the PGDip I decided to complete my MBA, so it made sense to commute again for the remaining 12 months."

"The MBA has been both challenging and rewarding. The breadth of topics were always relevant to business and the mix of individual work, group work, presentations and tests ensured you completed the paper with a thorough understanding of every topic."

"The best part was that you could take this understanding and immediately apply it to your organisation, or even better, to yourself."

"Initially I thought I would be disadvantaged through having a two-year gap between parts one and two, but I’ve had the benefit of two different cohorts with two class-loads of skills and experiences to draw from and share."

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