Welcome to the University of Waikato

Our vibrant campuses and world-class teaching provide the ideal environment for learning. Discover why the University of Waikato is the place to study.

The University of Waikato will provide you with the foundational knowledge and experience you need to achieve your career and life goals.

With our focus on academic excellence and innovation, you will become part of a group known for making a big difference in the world around them.

Join our warm and welcoming community of students from all over New Zealand and the globe.

Why study at Waikato

  1. Waikato experience

    Our campuses are bursting with life and energy. With smaller class sizes, better access to lecturers, affordable living, a wide range of support services, and with dozens of student clubs, your student experience at Waikato will be exciting and unique.

  2. Flexibility

    Our flexible degree structures mean you can study a broad range of subjects to shape a qualification that matches your strengths and career interests. Enjoy learning that fits with your lifestyle.

  1. Internationally recognised

    The University of Waikato is an internationally recognised university, with many of our subjects ranked highly in the QS World University Subject Rankings and a 5 star rating.

  2. Scholarships

    We believe in rewarding success, which is why we offer hundreds of scholarships every year to our students to help fund study and study-related expenses.

  1. Teaching excellence

    Our students learn from award-winning lecturers and  researchers who are committed to delivering you a world-class, innovative education. Keep up to date with our latest research projects.

  2. Industry ready

    Each year, we offer more than 2000 industry placements and internships. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, our partnerships and networks give you valuable opportunities to embed yourself in local and international organisations as part of your learning experience.

The University of Waikato is committed to delivering a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a full and dynamic university experience, distinctive in character, and pursuing strong international links to advance knowledge.

Graduate Attributes

These five overarching themes and associated graduate attributes capture the qualities—the competencies—that the University community agrees all its graduates should develop as a result of successfully completing their university studies.

Disciplinary and professional thought leaders

  • apply discipline-specific knowledge and concepts to professional practice and in everyday practical contexts
  • appreciate how discipline-specific knowledges intersect, creating new spaces of enquiry and new ways of understanding the world
  • demonstrate professional competence and meet the technical standards of their profession

Innovative and creative critical thinkers

  • assemble, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information in systematic and creative ways, making connections across fields of knowledge, and identifying solutions to challenges in familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • apply knowledge of discipline-specific research methodologies in systematic and innovative ways
  • engage effectively and critically with technology-enabled information, data and tools

Communicators & collaborators

  • communicate clearly in a variety of oral, written and digital formats to a variety of specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • contribute effectively to collaborative tasks and projects
  • harness the capacity for cross-cultural communication and for working constructively with diverse groups and individuals

Culturally competent citizens

  • communicate effectively in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts
  • integrate Māori and indigenous perspectives in the contexts of disciplinary knowledge.
  • grasp and apply disciplinary knowledge from within local and global perspectives.

Ethical & integral citizens

  • demonstrate adherence to the ethical standards of the discipline and the profession (where relevant)
  • exhibit the capacity for self-reflection and ongoing learning
  • apply knowledge and skills for the wider benefit of society locally, regionally, nationally and globally

Our region

Nestled in New Zealand’s heartland, Hamilton and Tauranga are two of our country’s fastest growing cities, both within an easy commute to Auckland. Enjoy the lifestyle you want without the expense of living in a major city.

And then there's the region beyond – some of the country's best beaches, mountains, lakes and attractions are on our doorstep for you to enjoy.

Research and Enterprise at Waikato

The University of Waikato is one of New Zealand's major research organisations, playing a key role in the economy and making a significant contribution to the international innovation system.

Driving innovation

With a continuous drive for academic excellence, we are proud to be an innovator in engineering, environmental science, computer science and applications of artificial intelligence, in marine and freshwater science, and in law.

Delivering for tomorrow

Our traditional areas of strength in Education, Social Sciences, Indigenous Studies and Management (including Economics) form part of our strong contribution to New Zealand industry and society. When it comes to the arts, University of Waikato students have access to quality performing arts programmes utilising the purpose-built Gallagher Academy.

Leading the pack

Our academic environment is evolving with the needs of our region and country, as demonstrated by new programmes in health, sport and human performance, as well as nursing.

The Adams Centre for High Performance in Tauranga provides a state-of-the-art facility for advancing in sport and human performance.

Real-life experience

The University of Waikato has a strong focus on preparing students for their chosen field of work. All students are required to participate in work-integrated learning to complement their academic knowledge. This experience and connection with industry sets up each student for their career after university.

Connections to industry