SDG #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

First University in NZ to add electric vehicles to our fleet

Professionally accredited Bachelor of Environmental Planning degree

Working side-by-side with local government on sustainable infrastructure initiatives

Some things we are especially proud of

Our Kamai Shuttle provides a free, daily service for staff and students between our campuses in Tauranga and Hamilton.

We are pleased to be working with Hamilton City Council on a large-scale active transport project that will better connect our campus with the CBD.

Over 50% of our vehicle fleet is nil or low emission and we have 9 electric vehicle charging stations.

We have 1,300 bike spaces and our staff and students get 30% off bus travel with Busit.

We offer popular degree programmes in environmental planning and environmental engineering.

We welcome the public on our campus grounds, offer walking sculpture tours and free access to our libraries and Art Gallery.

We host events year-round that are free to our communities to attend including lunchtime music recitals.


Preferential parking on campus for ride-sharing

To incentivise ride-sharing, the University provides preferential parking at optimal locations around its Hamilton campus through a scheme called RideLink. The web-based system helps match students or staff for either regular ridesharing as well as one-off trips like going home for the holidays.

Iain White

Championing the ‘20 minute city' for New Zealand

Professor Iain White has been working with local and central authorities to progress a concept called the ‘20 Minute City’, challenging decision makers to adopt a more transformative approach to post-pandemic infrastructure investment. The concept has been embraced in many other parts of the world and is essentially about putting the right kinds of infrastructure in the right places. This includes good pedestrian access and high connectivity, safe cycle lanes, and joined up planning that aims to better link people with the facilities they use, so all needs can be reached within 20 minutes of home. In October 2021, Professor White and the project team conducted a nationwide survey asking New Zealanders how far they’re prepared to travel for work and other services. “We need to be careful in applying concepts from overseas, and so we need to collect data on what is of value to people in our towns and cities and how they prefer to get there,” says Professor White.


Tackling our transport issues at the core

Our Transport Research Group is a multidisciplinary team of researchers committed to finding sustainable transport solutions for New Zealand, help overcome policy barriers to support the transition to electric vehicles, influence decision makers and nurture more sustainable mindsets and behaviours. They're looking closely at a range of issues including public perceptions around autonomous vehicle technologies and changes to in-vehicle technology.

Student accomodation

Affordable housing for students

Here at Waikato, we provide a range of different accommodation options for our students studying at both our Tauranga and Hamilton campus. With three halls of residence, apartments, cottages, studios and units, we cater for a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. For those without the ability to pay in full at the start of the year, weekly and monthly payment plans are available. Self catered options start at $219 per week. A number of our scholarships can also go towards accommodation costs.

Model house on grass

Building a sustainable campus

Sustainability is core to new construction projects at the University of Waikato. The building and design Property Services Standard Brief, reviewed in 2021, reinforces our strategy to ensure we have sustainable practices in all aspects of University activity. At the start of any project, the brief ensures designers regard sustainability in terms of design, construction as well as subsequent operation and maintenance. The ongoing Pā development underscores our commitment, with aspects as specific as sourcing wood for beams from sustainably harvested plantation forest.

Ashleigh's journey in environmental engineering

Ashleigh Dick is blazing a trail in environmental innovation and after recently graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) she secured a role with multinational consultancy Stantec.  Hailing from Warkworth, she is passionate about protecting the environment and believes we should take a holistic view of society to be effective at helping the planet survive.

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