Pronoun-antecedent agreement

Video: How to repair pronoun-antecedent disagreement by Grammar Aid Editing Service (new tab). (Watching time: 4m:03secs).

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1. In order to truly be an effective teacher, the teacher must acknowledge that each child in 1__________ classroom is different and unique. The classroom teacher must meet each child at his or her point of need, which will in fact be a different “point of need” for every child. The teacher must be willing and able to adapt to the child and give that child what 2________ needs. Some professionals may call this way of thinking “unfair”, but in all reality, the very definition of fairness is every person gets what he or she needs, not necessarily the same thing or the same amount. Educators must not confuse the concept of fairness with equality. A young child may tell you that fair means everyone should get the same thing; however, an educator should know that fairness is when all children get what 3_______ need.
Place the correct pronoun/s in the spaces provided.

1. his or her ✔
2. he or she ✔
3. they ✔
Why: 1. Teacher is a singular noun, but we don't know if the teacher is male or female
2. The child is a singular noun, but we don't know if the child in question is male or female.
3. Children is a plural noun, and there is no distinction between male and female... easier.