Perusall in Moodle

Perusall is a social e-reader.  It allows lecturers to share digital resources with students and students to collaboratively comment directly on the readings, and to each other's contributions.

Accessing Perusall

Make sure that you access Perusall via the Perusall link in your Moodle paper. This will ensure that your contributions are correctly included in the discussion.  The link may be in the Introduction section of your paper, or within a particular Topic or Week. Ask your lecturer if you can't find it.

  1. Go to your Moodle paper.
  2. Select the Perusall activity link.

    Note: The first time you access Perusall, you may be asked to accept some terms and conditions.

Using Perusall

You will find many useful tips on making the most of Perusall when you access this activity.

Try the Get help button, or select Course home, then Get started.

This video from Perusall is a useful introduction. As they say, since you are accessing Perusall through Moodle, ignore the enrolment information at the beginning. Just go to your Moodle papers to access your Perusall activities.