How to use Panopto in Moodle

You are able to access Panopto recordings through your Moodle papers.

Access Panopto recordings in Moodle

Watch and make notes in Panopto recordings

Step-by-step instructions

Videos in the Panopto block

If your lecturer is using Panopto, you can usually access lecture recordings through the Panopto block, which is on the right side of your Moodle papers.

  1. Select the lecture you want to watch. This will prompt you to sign in to Panopto.
  2. Make sure to select Sign in using elearn, then Sign in with your usual student username and password. Once signed in you can watch lectures and take notes.

Videos in a section of your Moodle paper

Sometimes a lecturer will embed a Panopto video, or a link to one or more Panopto videos, directly into a central section of your Moodle paper.

Embedded video

Select the play arrow.

Panopto video link

Select the link or the name of the Panopto content.