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Divisional Teaching Excellence Awards

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To recognise and reward teaching excellence at Waikato, the University gives staff and students the opportunity to nominate people who they think deserve consideration for a teaching award. Nominations may be made at any time during the year, but will be processed for selection purposes in early September the following year. Nominations made after this will be included in the next annual selection cycle.

Please access this link for the Divisional Teaching Excellence Award (DTEA) guidelines for 2021.

Annually, up to six recipients will be conferred from within each Division, and, two from FMIS.  Each Division, and, FMIS will fund its own DTEA internally.

Later in the year, DTEA recipients maybe selected by their respective PVC or Dean to go forward for the University Staff Awards (Teaching Excellence), with a monetary value of $3000.

Contact details:

If you would like further information about Teaching Excellence Awards and/or support for preparing a teaching portfolio, please contact [email protected], and a member of our teaching development team will get back to you.

Divisional Teaching Excellence Award - recipients