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Early Years Research Centre

The Early Years Research Centre at the University of Waikato is part of the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Education Research in the Division of Education. It includes scholars who have an active interest in one or more of three areas of research, with a focus on the early years. The ‘early years’ are defined as children aged 0 to 8 years, so the research is in early childhood centres and schools.

The three research themes are pedagogypolicy and community connections.


Seminar presentation with Peter Moss: Critical conversations on contemporary issues in early childhood education

Friday 24 November 2023, School of Education, The University of Waikato and via Zoom.

Peter Moss is Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision, University of London. His interests include the relationship between early childhood and compulsory education; the relationship between employment, care and gender; and democracy in education. Peter is a recognised author and internationally renowned expert.

The seminar will include conversations with Linda Mitchell (Professor, The University of Waikato), Hoana McMillan (Lecturer, The University of Waikato), and Alison Clark (Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of South-Eastern Norway). It will be delivered via zoom and in person at The University of Waikato (Hamilton campus). Follow the link below for further details.

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