Another Decade of New Zealand Education Policy: Where to Now?

Authors: Martin Thrupp and Ruth Irwin (Editors)

Published: 2010


This collection provides a review of New Zealand education policy under the Labour-led government of 1999-2008 and the emerging policies of the National government elected in November 2008. Nineteen contributors discuss education policy from early childhood through to tertiary and community education. Themes and concerns covered include teaching, learning, diversity, governance, choice, sustainability, privatisation, educational research and New Zealand’s relationship with the Pacific. Another decade of New Zealand education policy: Where to now? argues that Labour did not so much undo the neo-liberal project in New Zealand education as take some of the rough edges off it: producing neo-liberalism tempered with a social conscience. Contributors provide many insights into the nature and impact of recent education policy and likely directions in the future.

ISBN: 978-0-9582504-5-0