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Restorative Practices for Schools: A Resource

Authors: Wendy Drewery and The Restorative Practices Development Team

Published: 2003

Restorative practices for schools

This Kete (resource booklet) is a response to the interest shown by colleagues in schools in New Zealand, as well as by colleagues internationally, in the foundational work we at the University of Waikato School of Education did in restorative conferencing and restorative practices in schools in the early 2000s.

This Kete was prepared with a view to informing those who may be considering introducing the practices into their school. It gives an overview of the philosophy of restorative practice, describes the process of restorative conversation (including formal conferencing), and offers recommendations about things to consider in introducing the practices into schools.

The Kete contains resources that can be used to guide the development of understanding and facilitation of restorative conversations. We offer you these resources in the hope that they will help you forward your own work on developing practices of respect in your school.

This resource is now available for free download online. (PDF 2.8MB)

ISBN: 0-9583318-5-5

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