Te Piringa Faculty of Law

The aims of the Māori and Indigenous Governance Centre (MIGC) are to:

  • Meet currently unmet demands for cutting edge quality research on Māori governance best practice models
  • Build a body of knowledge and wisdom to help improve Māori governance
  • Report on Māori governance best practice models, practices and institutions
  • Provide practical training for Māori and non-Māori who work in or with Māori governance organisations
  • Learn from Indigenous governance experiences globally as well as sharing Māori successes
  • Work with Māori to evaluate and report on their current governance effectiveness and enhancement for the future
  • Seek collaborative research partnerships with Māori and other key stakeholders on Māori governance;

Our vision is to improve Māori governance generally, whether it concerns Māori trusts and incorporations, asset holding companies, iwi organisations, post-settlement governance entities, marae and hapu committees; and Indigenous peoples' organisations globally. The Centre will engage in collaborative research nationally and internationally by undertaking longitudinal research, in consultation and partnership with profit and non-profit Māori and Indigenous organisations. A sustainable Māori economy (approx $36 billion) demands efficient and culturally appropriate good governance with Māori organisations, hence the importance of the Centre's research.

Faculty Members

From left: Professor Brad Morse, Valmaine Toki, Linda Te Aho, Dr Robert Joseph (Director).

Not pictured: Mylene Rakena (Centre Manager), Professor Barry Barton, Joel Manyam, Wayne Rumbles (Dean of Te Piringa - Faculty of Law), Sadeq Bigdeli, Gay Morgan, Doug Tennent, Dr Richard Benton, as well as other scholars from the University of Waikato and other universities.

How we can work with you

Te Mata Hautû Taketake offers research, consultancy and capacity building services. We collaborate with researchers from other universities, Crown Research Institutes, Whare Wânanga, Māori organisations and iwi providers to undertake projects on a “best team” basis to provide cutting edge research on Māori and Indigenous governance, research design advice, mentoring and training and project management.

We will also work to meet the governance research and development aspirations of Mâori communities through:

  • project management support
  • Masters, Doctoral and researcher career development and support
  • tailored courses and workshops
  • public seminars
  • identifying and defining intellectual property
  • brokering relationships to facilitate knowledge transfer and uptake
  • matching university expertise
  • advisory services concerning Maori and Indigenous people' governance

Research and publications

Current Research Areas

  • Effective post-Treaty of Waitangi settlement governance models
  • Successful Te Ture Whenua Maori land trust and incorporation models
  • Appropriate and effective Maori and Indigenous dispute resolution within governance institutions
  • Maori and Indigenous co-governance and co-management of natural resources
  • Indigenous governance in Australia, North America and the Pacific

MIGC Publications

The following may be purchased via email to LawPublications@waikato.ac.nz

MIGC Literature Review 2014
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Indigenous governance programs in America & New Zealand
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