Academic Plan

The Academic Plan was developed through consultation with staff, students, committees and other groups and was adopted by Council in December 2017.

Responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to deliver the plan, and for associated monitoring and reporting, rests with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic.

The Academic Plan has been developed to help operationalise the Strategy and aims to act as a guide for creating "academically challenging programmes that reflect the interests of students and the needs of employers and the communities with which it is engaged".

Read the full Academic Plan 2017-2021.


Objective 1 Invest in high-quality, future-focused and relevant programmes delivered by excellent teachers
Objective 2 Make the University a national leader in high-quality digital teaching and learning
Objective 3 Provide opportunities within and beyond curriculum to develop work-ready graduates who can operate effectively in local, national and international contexts
Objective 4 Provide students with an outstanding learning experience and a sense of a distinctive academic identity at the University of Waikato.