Pacific Plan

The Pacific Plan was developed through consultation with staff, students, committees and other groups and was adopted by Academic Board in June 2017.

Responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to deliver the plan, and for associated monitoring and reporting, rests with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic.

The Pacific Plan aims to ensure that the University builds on its teaching and research endeavours to meet the aspirations, needs and priorities of Pacific peoples.

Read the full Pacific Plan 2017-2020.


Objective 1 Create a culture of belonging for all Pacific students, researchers and staff that nurtures success
Objective 2 Increase the numbers of Pacific peoples participating in, and completing, tertiary study in order to increase course and qualification completion rates for Pacific students
Objective 3 Increase the number of Pacific students progressing to study at higher levels and completing postgraduate study successfully and on time
Objective 4 Provide curricula and pedagogies that meet the needs and expectations of domestic and international Pacific students
Objective 5 Increase the number of Pacific graduates going on to employment, particularly in high growth, high-demand areas
Objective 6 Attract and retain Pacific researchers, academics and general staff across all Faculties and services
Objective 7Build and enhance partnerships with Pacific communities and other key stakeholders beyond the University