Business law in a socio-economic context

For society and business to function well, business operators need to take into account socio-economic issues. But business models and practices continue to change with technology, fluctuating currencies, economic crises, globalisation and entry into developing and emerging markets, and laws need to reflect those changes to make doing business fair and sustainable.

Business law needs to take into account the different geographic and physical environments and the economic and political environments that influence social wellbeing. The laws assist in getting the balance right between turning a profit and sustainable communities.

Business law includes regulations around financial institutions and markets, laws around monopolies and competition and corporate governance.

It also deals with consumer rights, health and safety, importing and exporting, regulatory authorities, shaping government policy and the environment.

Whether you’re a sole trader, in a partnership, a limited liability company or working for a major corporate, it’s important to understand the factors that characterise agreements (obligations and promises) as legally enforceable.

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