Our Experts, and areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Te Piringa Faculty of Law’s research area strengths are aligned with the University's research themes, its mission and goals. The Faculty's cutting-edge research is inter-disciplinary, doctrinal, theoretical and contextual, and covers a wide range of legal areas, including:

Animal Law

Business and Commercial Law

Criminal Law, Evidence, and related areas

Dispute Resolution

Employment Law and related areas

Environmental Law and related areas

Equity, Trusts and Charity Law

Family Law and related areas

Gender and the Law

Health Law and related areas

Human Rights Law and related areas

Intellectual Property Law

International Law and related areas

Law and Technology

Law of Contracts

Legal Education

Legal Ethics and related areas

Legal Theories and Philosophies

Māori and Indigenous Law

Migration and Refugee Law

Pacific Law

Private Law and related areas

Public Law and related areas

Space Law

Taxation Law and Practice

Our Experts

Our  ExpertsAreas of Expertise

Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez

Dispute Resolution; Human Rights Law; International Trade Law

Professor Barry Barton

Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law

Dr Anna Marie Brennan

International Criminal Law; International Human Rights Law; International Humanitarian Law

Professor Claire Breen

Human Rights Law; Public Law & Social Justice; International Law

Mr Samuel Campbell

Water Law; Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law

Ms Jennifer Campion

Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law; Intellectual Property Law
Edmond CarrucanCriminal Law; Dispute Resolution; Māori and Indigenous Law

Associate Professor Nathan Cooper

Legal theory; Water Law and Governance; International Environmental Law

Dr Juliet Chevalier-Watts

Equity; Trusts; Charity Law

Caroline DaniellLegal Ethics; Public Law; Legal Theories and Philosophies

Associate Professor Trevor Daya-Winterbottom

Environmental Law; Administrative Law; Public Law

Dr Dara Dimitrov

Charity Law; Intellectual Property and Commercial Law; Māori Legal Issues

Dr Michael Dizon

Cyber Law; Cyber Security; Law & Technology

Professor Alexander Gillespie

International & Comparative Environmental Law; the Laws of War; Civil Liberties

Associate Professor Robert Joseph

Maori Legal Issues and Governance; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Indigenous Laws

Dr Zhixiong (Leo) Liao

Commercial Law; Contracts

Mr Joel Manyam

Commercial Law; Taxation
Suliana MonePacific Law; Public Law; Gender and the Law; Environmental Law; Human Rights Law

Dr Gay Morgan

Jurisprudence; Public Law; Animal Law

Dr Durgeshree Raman

Family Law; Succession Law; Trust Law

Professor Alpana Roy

Internet and Domain Name Law; Intellectual Property Law; Dispute Resolution

Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles

Cyber Law; New Technologies; Criminal Law

Associate Professor Linda Te Aho

Māori Legal Issues; Māori Culture/Tikanga; Indigenous Laws

Professor Valmaine Toki

Māori Legal Issues; Indigenous Laws; Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Katrina Werahiko

Dispute Resolution; Māori Legal Issues