Public law and social justice

Te Piringa - Faculty of Law staff provide policy and legal advice to government, business and non-governmental organisations on a wide range of issues. This influence on matters of legal and public importance demonstrates that the Faculty is taking a prominent role in shaping society, based on experience and research. To research public law, it is necessary to understand and value human rights and consider and isolate the different political perspectives that surround any issue, then find common ground on which laws can be based.

In short, our researchers use the three ‘r’s when tackling issues of public law and social justice - respect, respond, resolve.

Some of the issues have high public interest; they are many and varied, and are often subjects for rigorous debate.

These include degrees of murder, the changing face of justice, new ways of dealing with offenders, legal rights for patients with mental health issues, children’s rights, alternative dispute resolution and tax issues.

They are issues that affect people’s basic life opportunities and well-being.

Our researchers active in this area include: