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Conferences and research publications hosted and produced by Faculty of Law academics at the University of Waikato, proudly supported by grant funding from the New Zealand Law Foundation:


Trevor Daya-Winterbottom, Chair: Organising Committee, 11th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium 24-28 June 2013

Brenda Midson, Chair: Organising Committee, Justice in the Round 18-20 April 2011

Professor John Farrar, Chair: Organising Committee, 2005 ALTA Conference July 2005

Research and Publications

Professor Ben Boer, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Biodiversity, climate change & protected areas: The need for an integrated approach (2011)

Dr Claire Breen, The National and International Legal Obligations and Consequences for New Zealand Arising from its Peace Support Operations: An analysis of the domestic and international legal implications for New Zealand, currently and into the future, arising from the mobilisation of its peace support operations (2007)

Professor Alexander Gillespie, New Zealand Law Foundation International Research Fellow 2003, The legal principles, policy and science of biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystems within international law (2003)

Professor John McEldowney, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Modernizing Britain: Public Law Challenges to Parliament (2001)

Dr Ani Mikaere, Publication of papers presented at the 10th anniversary 1998 national hui of Te Hunga Roia Maori o Aotearoa: Maori Law Society Conference, Centre for New Zealand Jurisprudence (1998)

Professor Peter Spiller, History of the New Zealand Court of Appeal 1958-1998 (1997)

Professor Peter Spiller, Establishment of the Waikato Law Review (1993)

Professor Peter Spiller, The Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand (1993)