Meet the members of the Waikato Public Law and Policy Research Unit and learn more about their research.

Members of the Waikato Public Law and Policy Research Unit include:

Their research publications can be accessed online via the University’s research publications database and Research Commons.

Eminent scholars from the Faculty in the field of public law and policy include Honorary Professor Sir David Baragwanath (President of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon 2011-2015), Professor Margaret Bedggood (formerly Chief Human Rights Commissioner), the late Professor Sir Grant Hammond (President of the New Zealand Law Commission 2010-2016), Honorary Professor Paul Hunt (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Health and Human Rights 2002-2008), and Professor Margaret Wilson (formerly Speaker of the House of Representatives).

Visitors to the Unit include Professor Alberto Costi, Victoria University Wellington; Professor Duncan French, University of Lincoln (UK); Professor Jon Gould, American University (Washington DC); Professor Michael Hahn, University of Berne (Switzerland); Professor Markus Haward, University of Tasmania; Dr Julia Jabour, University of Tasmania; Dr Catherine MacKenzie, University of Cambridge; Professor Michel Prieur, University of Limoges (France); Dr Friederich Soltau, UN Secretariat (New York); Ms Kerry Tetzlaff, University of Cambridge.

External members of the Unit include our distinguished alumni Rachel Devine of Minter Ellison, Dr Anna Kirk and Rebecca Rose of Bankside Chambers, and Kevin Glover of Shortland Chambers.