Members of the Unit are committed to producing ambitious cutting-edge work in a wide range of subject areas.

They seek to influence the national and international debates on significant issues and to shape both academic discourse and the development of a coherent body of law and public policy through the scholarly vitality, analytical rigour and creativity of their research.

Their legal research is carried out either individually as self-directed work or in collaboration with academics from across the Faculty, the wider University, or other institutions both nationally and worldwide (including the PluriCourts Centre at the University of Oslo and the William S Richardson School of Law, University of Hawai’i).

Our research in the field of international law, in particular, focuses on armed  conflict, conflict of laws, foreign investment law, humanitarian law, human rights, international criminal law, international environmental law, international trade, law of the sea, and public international law.

The University Law Library has been cited in successive editions of De Smith's Judicial Review (2013 and 2018) as the authoritative online resource about New Zealand experience and judgments in the field of judicial review and reflects the Faculty’s research expertise in this area.