The seminars aim to raise awareness and debate about concepts of public law and policy, and in doing so these seminars examine a number of challenging legal issues and topics that are prominent in the public domain.  Thus these seminars will be of interest to the legal community as a whole, to practitioners, and to students alike.   The seminars draw upon the legal skills and knowledge of eminent legal academics and practitioners to talk on specific legal issues, which provides holistic and objective discussions of the legal topics in question.

2020 Past Seminars

5 August- Professor Claire Breen

- Associate Professor Trevor Daya-Winterbottom

- Associate Professor Nathan Cooper
- “The Right to Health and Covid 19: A Core Right in New Zealand's Legal Response"
- "COVID - climate change, RMA reform, and the Rule of Law"

- "COVID-19 and identity: planetary boundaries, ethical boundaries, and the will to change"
16 September- Professor Alexander Gillespie

- Simon Schofield (Teaching Fellow)

- Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez
- “Next Steps: Law and Policy moving forward from a global pandemic”

- "Employment Law during the COVID-19 Lockdown"

- “Covid-19 and the Forgotten Excuse of Necessity in Customary International Law”
7 October- Dr Gay Morgan

- Associate Professor Trevor Daya-Winterbottom

- Mr Jesse Savage (Associate at Norris Ward McKinnon)
- Covid-19 and the Law