Scholarship appeal aims to help fast-track students to their future

27 Oct 2021

The University of Waikato’s annual appeal for scholarships is set to help propel students into the future and enable them to make an impact on our communities as quickly as possible after they graduate.

The University of Waikato's appeal for scholarships aims to help students fast-track their future.

This year, the University of Waikato is encouraging alumni and the wider community to donate to support scholarships to help students dream big and gain the knowledge and skills they need to address the complex problems we will face in the years to come.

Director of Development and Alumni Relations Peta Goldsworthy says studying is harder than it has ever been, and scholarships can help students finish their studies and start making meaningful contributions in their careers and communities without having to worry about significant student debt.

“Students face increasingly higher costs of living, and many have to work just as hard outside of university to pay their bills, and will more likely graduate with considerable student debt.

“The world needs bright students to take it into the future, and they can’t do that when they’re worried about their finances.

“Scholarships are an impactful way to springboard students into their future. When a financial burden is lifted, students can focus completely on their studies and start solving those big problems we face, faster than they would have otherwise.”

This year’s appeal features stories from previous scholarship recipients at the University of Waikato. By not having to worry about covering fees and living costs, these students could focus solely on their studies and are now making significant contributions in key areas of need.

Engineering graduate Kaitlin Te Rito is putting her problem-solving skills to good use in the dairy industry, Te Riria Potiki is moving quickly towards her dream of helping iwi mitigate the negative environmental effects of urban development, law graduate Sam Fellows is now championing sustainability at Tauranga City Council, and Leo Oliver-Dowling is working to protect internet users against malicious cyber attacks.

Their stories highlight how far bright students can go with our support. Please support scholarships at the University of Waikato, and together we can make a big difference to students’ lives and the impact they will go on to make.

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