Waikato appoints three new Professors

University of Waikato Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Quigley has announced promotion to Professor for three academics, and seven promotions to Associate Professor.

25 Jan 2022

Academic promotions recognise outstanding contributions to teaching, research, student supervision and leadership within the University, as well as a recognised contribution by the academic to their discipline internationally.

Newly promoted Professor Taciano Milfont

Promotion to Professor

Professor Eva Collins, Te Raupapa, Waikato Management School

Professor Collins focuses her research and teaching at the nexus of management and sustainability, including topics such as the circular economy, cross-sector partnerships and environmental entrepreneurs. Her underlying interest is about how business can contribute to sustainability solutions.

Professor Taciano Milfont, Te Kura Whatu Oho Mauri, School of Psychology

Recognised for global leadership and interdisciplinary scholarship in applied social psychology, Professor Milfont’s main research explores the psychological, social and contextual factors that motivate and inhibit individual and collective environmental decision-making. He is passionate about forming the next generation of socially engaged and culturally responsive researchers and practitioners, and is helping consolidate research and teaching at the new Tauranga campus.

Professor Gareth Schott, Te Kura Toi, School of Arts

Professor Schott's research combines media and psychology. He has spent over 10 years researching the impact and experiences of violence on players of interactive digital games, arguing that 'media effects' research requires an understanding of the formal properties of the medium and measurement of player experience. Professor Schott credits the creativity of his colleagues as a source of great collaborative benefits.

Promotion to Associate Professor

Dr Judy Bowen, Te Kura Rorohiko me ngā Pūtaiao Pāngarau, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Dr Bowen’s research is grounded in the principle of ‘technology for people’. This encompasses model-driven development and testing methods that ensure software solutions are robust and reliable (do what people expect) and are usable by their end-users. Her current research is focussed on the impact of technology on users and digital equity.

Dr Mary Low, Te Raupapa, Waikato Management School

Dr Low’s research is in the areas of financial reporting disclosures, sustainability and integrated reporting, accounting education and ethics. In all these areas, she has contributed to the greater awareness of the accounting function and its outputs as communicative devices. Her interest in the ethical behaviour of corporates is also evident in her teaching.

Dr Mary Simpson, Te Raupapa, Waikato Management School

Dr Simpson’s research explores issues in health and organisational communication. Her specific interest is in community-driven research about the health, wellbeing, and housing of kaumātua Māori, and family and whānau care of older relatives.

Dr Margalit Toledano, Te Raupapa, Waikato Management School

Dr Toledano’s teaching and research focus on management communication and public relations. Her publications address professional ethics, especially on social media, the role of PR in democratic systems, building community resilience to disasters, the use of dialogue in PR, litigation PR, activism, nation-building, social marketing, and the rhetoric around vaccination. Dr Toledano’s publications have won three prestigious international awards.

Dr Michael WilliamsTe Kura Toi, School of Arts

Dr Williams has taught in the University’s music programme for more than 20 years across a number of areas, including composition, harmony and counterpoint, orchestration and music technology. His research area is primarily in music composition and his work has been performed and recorded by most of the country’s major musical institutions, including the NZSO, New Zealand Opera and Chamber Music New Zealand.

Dr Fei Yang, Te Kura Pūkaha, School of Engineering

Dr Yang’s research mainly focuses on physical metallurgy and thermomechanical processing of titanium alloys, metal matrix composite materials, and advanced materials; design, synthesis, and characterisation of advanced thermal management materials for high-power electronic devices and high entropy alloys for hydrogen production and storage applications.

Dr Karsten Zegwaard
Te Aka Mātuatua, School of Science

Dr Zegwaard’s research interests are focused on work-integrated learning (WIL), in particular good practice of WIL and quality dimensions of WIL, innovative forms of WIL practice, boundary crossing through student legitimate peripheral participation, employability enhancement, and professional identity development.

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