Financial Authority Policy Appendix 1

Approval LevelBudget HoldersMaximum financial authority for a single transaction within approved budget (NZ$, GST exclusive)Includes capital expenditure within area's approved capital budget
Level A Chief Operating Officer, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor $3,000,000 Yes
Level B Director of Finance $500,000 Yes
Level C Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Assistant Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors or equivalent $250,000 Yes
Level D Heads of School, Directors or equivalent $100,000 Yes
Level E Associate Deans, Deputy Deans or equivalent $50,000 Yes
Level F Managers, Unit Directors or equivalent $15,000 Yes
Level G Business/Administrative Managers $10,000 No
Level H Cost Centre Alternates (Acting) $10,000 No
Level I Administrative Managers $5,000 No
Level J Administrative Staff/Personal Assistants with a significant range of  financial responsibilities $3,000 No
Level K Administrative Staff/Personal Assistants with a range of financial responsibilities $2,000 No
Level L Administrative Staff/Personal Assistants with moderate financial responsibilities $1,000 No
Level M Secretaries/Personal Assistants with limited financial responsibilities $250 No
Level P PCard authorities only (no financial delegation for Unimarket) $250 No

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