York Link Award

Section 1

The University has had an Agreement of Co-operation with the University of York in the United Kingdom since 1998.  In order to support this partnership, the Vice-Chancellor will provide funding, on a regular annual basis, to cover travel to York. Further information about the University of York can be found at

Waikato staff who have visited York have described their visits:

"My work as a researcher at Waikato was enhanced by my exposure to the ideas and expertise of researchers in relevant fields."

"...a wonderful experience which was valuable and rewarding as well as advantageous to the [department] and the University."

Section 2

The Agreement hopes to encourage the development of activities and further the educational needs of the Universities of Waikato and York through:

2.1 staff movement

2.2 the sharing of best practice

2.3 research

2.4 the sharing of teaching and learning material

2.5 benchmarking activities.

The funding available, which is enough for three least-cost return air passages each year will be awarded, on application, to proposals which relate to the above points. Proposals will be evaluated on their merits and against other applications.

Section 3

While criteria for support are not intended to be exclusive or restrictive, the following guidelines are intended to set some directions:

3.1 The minimum stay at York will be two weeks, and for budgetary reasons, is to be completed by 31 December 2016.

3.2 Funding from this source is not normally available in conjunction with study leave funded under other University arrangements (although study leave taken at York is encouraged).

3.3 The application should include a detailed proposal as to the activities to be undertaken and the proposed outcomes, including details of personnel you will be meeting or working with.

3.4 The application should outline how the proposed trip relates to existing work being undertaken, and of what benefit the trip will be to the University of Waikato.

3.5 An appropriate written report on the visit to York will be required within six (6) weeks of returning from York. This report may be circulated at the Vice-Chancellor's discretion and, if appropriate, the recipient of the award may be asked to give a brief presentation to the Senior Leadership Team.

Section 4

Applications for funding for the 2016 academic year should be submitted to the International Office before 9 May 2016, together with statements of support from the line manager and relevant Dean/Head or equivalent. There is no application form; the application should address the points included in Section 3, and state how the needs identified in Section 2 will be met. The application should also include proposed travel dates. For more information regarding the application process, contact the International Office on ext. 9406.

Section 5

Similar arrangements are in place at the University of York for visits to Waikato.

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