Research, Innovation & Commercialisation

Under the umbrella of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation, the University of Waikato brings together the skills that can help you to investigate, develop and commercialise your ideas.

Located on the ground floor of the University's main administration building (B Block, Gate 5 Hillcrest Road, Hamilton), the Research Office and WaikatoLink form a single centre for providing University research and commercial services to business and the community.

  • The Research Office provides research contract and consultancy services
  • WaikatoLink supports technology development and commercialisation

Make us your first point of contact.

We link users and sponsors of research and technology with the experts who can get the job done.

Waikato University offers:

  • Contract Research
  • Market Research and Business Analysis
  • Consultancy Services
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Scientific Analysis
  • Management of Special Courses and Workshops
  • Technology Development and Transfer
  • Commercialisation of Intellectual Property

Engaging Research Services:

We can structure our expert services and use of our specialist facilities to meet your research, consulting and commercialisation needs through:
  • Collaborative Programmes
  • Technology NZ Schemes
  • Student Research Projects
  • Staff Secondments
  • Sponsored Positions
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Consultancy and other contracts

We work closely with Postgraduate Studies and Scholarships when structuring contracts that include student researchers. If you are a student wishing to undertake a research degree, please contact these offices directly.

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