Leading the way to a sustainable future

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future is a short journey through the broad sweep of the University of Waikato’s portfolio of research programmes that are leading to the development of practical solutions to advance sustainability. Only a small number of projects are featured, but they have been selected to showcase the high calibre of our research, and grouped for presentation into three sections – environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social and cultural sustainability – each with their own introductions.

Sustainable development is a concept that has developed in response to a growing realisation of the fragility of life on earth. It ties together concerns for earth’s natural resources with the social challenges facing humanity.

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future illustrates the University of Waikato’s commitment to making New Zealand a world leader in sustainability. Our tools are discovery, innovation, evidence and research-led education. Our results are new understandings, technologies, capacity building and policies designed to underpin sustainable economic development, social wellbeing, environmental sustainability and the richness of our cultural heritage.

You can download the Research Report or visit our environmental, economic and social and cultural sustainability sections online.

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