The ANZRD would not have been possible without the contribution of those that generously gave their time and shared information. We thank all those archaeologists from around the country that helped us locate reports and provided answers to our questions.

  • Lucy Hughes compiled the reference lists as part of a University of Waikato Summer Scholarship Research project under the direction of Simon Bickler and Fiona Petchey.
  • All Waikato radiocarbon ages have been cross-checked against the in-house Waikato Radiocarbon Database. Dates from other labs are reported as published.
  • Simon Bickler produced the ArcGIS Online Interactive map and audited the archaeological information.

The original NZ Radiocarbon Database was compiled by the Department of Conservation Science and Research Unit under the direction of  Bruce McFadgen. The following people contributed to the original project:

  • Ruth Harper
  • Belinda McFadgen
  • Hugh Stockbridge
  • Vanessa Tanner
  • Tony Walton
  • Rodger Sparks and Dawn Chambers of the Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory
  • Tom Higham of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit
  • Alan Hogg and Fiona Petchey of the Waikato University Radiocarbon Laboratory
  • Steve Robertson of the Radiocarbon Laboratory, Australian National University.