Student Health Services in Tauranga

The Student Health Nurse will be able to see students on the Tauranga campus from 28 May 2020.

There will be no drop-in service. Every student will need to make an appointment. Please call/text 022 0139 003 or email [email protected].

The Student Health Nurse, is located on TCBD.1.28, Level 1, behind The Hub. This is a free service for all University of Waikato students.

Services include

  • health advice
  • health screening (asthma, blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks)
  • treatment of minor wounds
  • smoking cessation
  • sexual health advice, pregnancy tests, ECP, STI checks, smears, contraception, emergency contraception
  • support with mental health and stress management skills
  • referrals to physiotherapy, dentist, eye specialist, doctors, and counselling.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday - 8:30am - 4:30pm. The nurse may not always be in her office, but feel free to text or call her to make an appointment.

Contact details

Phone: 022-0139-003

Email: [email protected]

Chadwick Healthcare (South City)

Tauranga students can enrol at Chadwick Healthcare which is only a 10-minute walk away from the University. Each visit to the doctor will cost $10 if the student has a discount voucher from the Student Health Nurse.

To enrol visit the Chadwick Healthcare website.

All students are encouraged to get a Community Services card.

Body in Motion will be offering a clinic for students on a Friday located out of the nurse's office in Room 1.28. This service will be free if it is accident-related (covered by ACC), or a small cost will apply if the issue is ongoing. The clinic will start on March 6th 2020 during term time. To book call 07 927 3330

We understand that sometimes it's not easy to decide to come to counselling, but it is a positive step in helping yourself. Counsellors can help with a range of problems by helping you find solutions that suit you.

University of Waikato students are able to use the Bay Counselling & Therapy Services, located on 68 Tenth Avenue:

  • Every student is entitled to 5 free sessions per year
  • Areas of support can include relationship, mental health and grief issues
  • See the Student Health Nurse for a confidential referral

Need someone to talk with about what’s going on in your life? Looking to connect with others of your faith, or even across faiths? Need a quiet space to think, pray, or meditate? Want to explore your spiritual journey with someone? Or just desperate for a coffee?

Brother Andrew (Ecumenical) visits Tauranga every fortnight on a Tuesday during term time at the Hub. He provides a listening ear, thoughts and feedback, regardless of your background or beliefs. Make an appointment to see Brother Andrew when he visits Tauranga.

Find out more about chaplaincy here.

Contact details

Phone: 022-0669-783

Email: [email protected]

Violence prevention

If you have concerns or seek information/advice or support in relation to harassment, abuse, and/or violence, you can make an appointment to see the Violence Prevention Coordinator. Find out more about violence prevention here.

If a physical or sexual assault has just occurred, please ring 111 and ask for Police.

Referral process

  • Students and staff can make referrals to the Violence Prevention Coordinator by phoning (07) 837 9497 or emailing [email protected]. Room G.28.

Health Promotion Coordinator

Dr. Tāwhanga Nopera visits Tauranga every Tuesday, located in the Hub.

Contact details

Phone: 0210-2603-865

Email: [email protected]

Community Services Card

The Community Services Card can help you with the costs of health care. Always carry your card to make it easy to get the benefits:

  • Decreases visits to the doctor from $40 to $18.50
  • Decreases costs of prescriptions
  • Decreases costs for ACC visits
  • Decreases costs for under 16 years old with glasses